A concept empowerment tool for taking control over anxiety, stress, and panic through monitoring and stabilisation of regular breathing rhythm and resting heartbeat.

Principal Designer:

Leon Brown

Course Lead:

Isla Munro

With support from:

NHS Lothian

Under increasingly stretched health-services and a growing patient base, people are encouraged to take their own health into personal responsibility—so in designing an object to empower those under anxiety, stress, and panic to take back control, we can facilitate that support through an object.

Grasp is a tool for facing adversity, gaining acceptance, and starting recovery. It provides a device with which individuals can take power over anxiety, stress, and panic, in controlling breathing during times of need. Grasp is designed to monitor pulse and breathing, and through visual and haptic feedback, guide senses back to a safe space. Grasp formed part of my third-year study at the University of Edinburgh.

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