A lamp created for designers, crafts-people and artists as an intelligent exploration into colour and space, through the use of digital accuracy and colour sensing to allow you total creative freedom with light.

Principal Designer:

Leon Brown

Course Lead:

Dave Murray-Rust

With support from:

Mark Kobine

So many of the things that we work on are shaped by the light that graces it. The relationship between light, medium, and artist is important as it affects the way we feel about the artefacts we handle. Fabric designers need a reliable source-of-truth when working under light, and need to simulate all the conditions their work will be seen in.

Shift Lamp is a lamp made intelligent for designers, crafts-people, and artists. It is an exercise in order and sequence; a quiet choreography of electronic decisions made to turn on with movement, to dim at dusk, and to adapt to a person’s preferences.

It is designed to both receive input manually and sense the surrounding environment to change the ways we experience colour, light, and space. Shift Lamp formed part of my third-year study at the University of Edinburgh.

Shift Lamp is designed to be sleek, almost anthropomorphised in form—with elongated armatures and a geometric head; and a circular fillet drawing parallels with a magnifying glass. All hinged joints are suspended with tension grips, in an effort to minimise visual clutter and promote clean interactions.
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