Quarterly print magazine for Tessian’s thought leadership sub-brand — Human Layer Security — pulling the curtain back on the industry’s premier theorists and provocateurs, heralding in cybersecurity’s next big thing in bright neon technicolour.
A digital brand identity for Human Layer Security — a grounds-up reimagining of the IT security professional’s print magazine for the 21st Century — taking form in an interactive website, trailblazing online community, and email newsletter about the changing world of cybersecurity.
A digital-first brand identity for Sequoia-backed cybersecurity firm Tessian — the world’s first Human Layer Security platform — as it proposes a new human-first approach to cybersecurity and scales for a global audience of enterprise customers.
A funded research project at the University of Edinburgh into the use of blockchain economics and distributed ledger technologies to create market transparency for remote farming communities in the Caribbean.
A ground-up website design for Sequoia-backed cybersecurity firm Tessian. Built ready to scale with modular page-builders and responsive layouts to showcase a unique brand of thought leadership and digital-first prospect experience.
Print and exhibition design for the graduating 2018 student cohort from the Edinburgh College of Art’s School of Design, incorporating show signage and a 260 page printed catalogue into a single celebration of artistic talent.
An intelligent set of kitchen appliances that propose a data-connected vision for home—with a toaster that works to monopolise your identity through the obsessive collection and trading of your personal information to advertisers — to pay for itself with targeted advertising burnt into your toast.
Exhibition identity of 3rd Year Product Design work at the intersection of technology and craft. Open to the public at Edinburgh College of Art Sculpture Court and running April 24th to April 28th.
A printed catalogue to commemorate 200 graduating students of the School of Design, accompanied by rich studio photography and the story of final-year projects across 224 pages.
Eight conceptual toasters of the near-future kitchen—imagining a circus stage where through technology, autonomous objects compete for our attention and evolve to meet human needs with parasitic and tribalistic behaviour. Managing Newness is a vision of an expanded internet-of-things pushed to the point of satire.
Identify for a cross-disciplinary exhibition of Product Design BA and Glass MA/MFA at Edinburgh College of Art, hosted in the former Edinburgh Lauriston Museum of Fire, on the theme of "Work in Progress", from the 5th to the 8th of December.
A concept table-top insect farm that disguises the unfamiliar and explores how discursive design can change ingrained perceptions on entomophagy, or bug-eating.
An experimental speaker that bridges analog and digital interactions through a control system that detects gestures and uses hand movements to control music.
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